Friday, June 8, 2012

Just Some Polka Dot Pants in Japan

Well due to my lack of TLC to this poor little blog, I've achieved an extremely below average (and that's putting it kindly) blogger status-- I created my first post and left it high and dry with no accompanying posts and hardly any followers to gawk into my personal life.  I've been married almost an entire year and what do I have to show for it in the online world? A few Facebook photo albums and one rushed, measly blog post. This thing hasn't been touched since. But then again that's probably not a terrible thing... I'm not one to spend much time reading other blogs or posting about my personal life online for the world to see, but after talking to Jesse, I realized we need to do better at journal keeping. So whether or not this blog's purpose remains so my husband and I can later recount our newlywed years and laugh at our escapades, it's high time I update this thing.
Jesse and I just got back from a week and a half long trip to Japan. Now I'll be honest. Japan and all other countries in the far east have never seemed like likely destinations until I had a few other exotic travels stamped into my passport, because heck, the Japanese don't even use the same alphabet! But who would say no to a family trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world?? After researching our potential destination, I realized just how much culture and history that one tiny country has and I got very excited. But none of my research could prepare me for a certain (and extremely prevalent) part of their modern culture. Something that I had just previously come to love myself, but never expected to see such an abundance of. That something, or rather, somethings, became my mantra of the trip. Those somethings were polka dot pants.

Amidst preparing and packing for our venture, I found myself envying some spotted pants I spied on Pinterest--the site that entices women in to gather fashion, decorative and culinary ideas, but that many a husband undoubtedly despises. The new cultural phenomenon is the credited force behind many countless projects and crafts and spending sprees. And I wasn't about to ask my husband if I could break the bank on a pair of pants.
Pricey Antrho Pants
I was very surprised when I found a pair of black and white polka dot pants at the local Goodwill-- the high fashionista's nemesis and the bargain-shopper's paradise. I fall into the latter category.
As we were packing, I kept wondering, "Do I really want to bring these?" After which I would have an overwhelming affirmation. For not only did these pants find their way into my heart, they were also extremely lightweight and comfortable and quite ideal for the humidity in Japan.

Once in Japan, my eyes were opened. We stepped out of the subway for the first time and into the world of Japan's high fashion women. Everywhere I turned I spotted patterned pants. And many of these pants were adorned with tiny dots. I smugly pointed them out to Jesse and thought, "Maybe our cultures aren't so different after all!" Funny thing is that all it took were a pair of pants to forge a connection between an Arizona girl who has never seen an episode of anime in her entire life and the beautiful people of Japan with a culture much more rich than our own.